Heidi Klum Drops Shower Video on Instagram

America’s Got Talent might be the best show on the air. I can’t say that I’ve seen a single act since an Eagles player was on the show. I don’t care, I’m still ready to make that call. Sofia Vergara put Modern Family in that conversation, and now she is doing the same with AGT. The only difference between the shows, is that Heidi Klum sits next to her to remove all doubt. 

Heidi Klum posted an all-access look at her routine to get ready for the show. There was an extensive skin care routine, some time with her dogs, and the worst looking scrambled eggs of all time. Before any of that, Klum shared some personal shots from her shower. You can see it all on her Instagram.

I was a fan of this for two reasons. The first was that some celebrities apparently do not shower. That is disgusting, and I’m happy that Klum is promoting hygiene. She might not have undone all of Gyllenhaal’s damage to society, but it’s a start. The second reason I loved this post, was because I have dreamt of being a fly on the wall of Heidi Klum’s shower. The view wasn’t good enough to find out her favorite shampoo brand, but it was as good as you can expect on Instagram. 

It took me a while to get past my appreciation for Heidi Klum’s genetics that were on full display in this video. Once I did, I found a few issues with it. I didn’t like that she had professional makeup and wardrobe for her entrance to AGT, only for her to go in and have her hair, makeup, and clothing redone. That’s a waste of time, and it made me happy that no one wants to watch me shower. 

My main issue with this video, however, is that Klum cooks her own food. It’s not as much that she cooks her own food, but that she looks so bad at it. I’ve made meals with more nutrition and flavor in a college dorm room. So I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Klum to hire someone to do the same. Maybe trade in one of those teams of makeup artists for a personal chef?

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