How to Ace Your Rush Interview

If you get an interview during rush, you’ve got to be doing something right. Sure, you could just be a legacy and are obligated to get an interview, but I’m speaking generally here. While it’s one thing to make small talk with brothers, interviews are where you’ll really set yourself apart. So, here are some tips on how to ace your rush interview:

Tip #1: Never directly answer the question

During a rush interview, you’ll likely get asked questions such as, “Why do you want to join our fraternity?” or “How would you describe yourself?”. As you go to answer, make sure to remain as vague as possible. Never give a direct answer to a single question. Why? By using this strategy, you create a sense of mystery about yourself. The brothers will totally think that your Batman sigma-male vibe is super cool and will definitely give you a bid because of it. During my rush interview, I was asked what my favorite three barbecue sides are. I responded with, “Everything can be a side if you want it to be – you just have to be the hungriest at the table”. Did that make any sense whatsoever? No. Did it sound cool? Heck yeah. 

Tip #2: Make consistent eye contact at all times

While you’re being interviewed by a brother, it’s essential that you always make eye contact with him. If you look away, you show fear and weakness. The best way to ensure constant eye contact throughout your interview is to just never blink. Think of it as a one-sided staring contest. By staring deep into the soul of the brother across from you, a deep connection will form and your interviewer will definitely vouch for you during slides. If you’re really looking to set yourself apart from the pack, offer to engage in a soul bond with the brother during the middle of your interview. Only if the vibes are right, of course. 

Tip #3: Drink anything in sight

Oftentimes, your rush interview will be held in a brother’s room, which will likely have some form of alcohol lying out in the open. Once you enter the room, locate some booze and immediately chug it. Very similar to the vape method, this will show the brothers that you are extremely nelk and send harder than any of the other PNMs. Usually, a beer works best for this, but you could go above and beyond and chug a fifth if you so please. You’ll probably need to replace the alcohol after to be courteous, but you could also get a bid right then and there. Pretty big payoff for a little risk, if you ask me. 

Tip #4: Stand during the entire interview

If you want to assert your dominance, remember that real men never sit down. Even if the brother tells you to sit, simply say that you prefer to stand. It’s only “awkward” because the brother interviewing you won’t be used to being in the presence of such a sigma. For me, this method worked perfectly since I’m only 5’8” on a good day. By standing up for the duration of the interview, you’ll create such an intimidating aura that the brothers will become terrified of the idea of not giving you a bid. Sit when you’re dead, trust me. 

Following these interview tips perfectly will guarantee you a bid. I’ve never seen it fail. Other people might tell you to simply “be yourself”, but we all know that’s garbage advice. If you fail to come off as an aggressive sigma male, you fail to get a bid. I don’t make the rules.

Written by the godfather

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