5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Frat DJ

Being a DJ is not easy. There are a lot of intricacies that you need to learn before you can play a set at your first party. I am here to help you. I have gone from being a nobody in the DJ world to being the guy in my friend group that everyone makes fun of. I am gonna lay out some easy steps for you to follow to be just like me.

  1. Decide You Want To Be A DJ

Deciding you want to be a DJ is the hardest part. Once you fully dive into the fact that you wanna be the coolest guy at every party, you’re ready. From my experience, girls never stop texting me and always ask if I can come back to their place. I stay humble by remembering my beginnings.

2. Order the DDJ-200

This is a vital step to becoming the next Steve Aoki. The DDJ-200 is the highest-performance and quality mixing board on the market. It is so good that pro DJs don’t even use it because it’s far more advanced than what they know.

3. Subscribe to SoundCloud+ and Download RekordBox

Nothing screams professional DJ setup like using SoundCloud +. I think I pay $3.99 a month for this service and it is the best way to get all your music on RekordBox. RekordBox is the DJ interface that is masterfully crafted to mix.

4. Post on Socials

Once you got those two things fired up and ready to go, plug in the board to your computer and post a picture of your new setup. Extra points if you have a vape or can of Zyns subtly in the picture. Every one of your friends needs to know you’re becoming the next big thing.

5. YouTube

If you’re gonna use one tip from this entire list, look at this one. I actually learned to DJ a little bit as a party trick and YouTube has taught me more than anyone else ever has. It’s a solid tool.

Written by TFM Stelly

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