In Honor Of St. Patrick Day, Here Are Some Legendary St. Patty Parties

Once again, it’s another St. Patrick day where shit is canceled, and the world isn’t normal. If you’re not in Florida and live on the east coast like me, everything is still closed. Chicago canceled dying the river green, Boston canceled their parade. Some rebels decided to say fuck it and dye the river green. New York City says that the parade is going virtual, and you can stream it at home. Who the fuck wants that? Going out and getting so drunk off green beer that you throw up Nickelodeon slime and filling the toilet with green shit is what people want. Nobody wants to be at home and have a lame-ass parade be streamed to you. So instead of watching a lame-ass parade, let’s watch some great party videos of college kids going ham on St. Patrick day.

Unfortunately, it looks like the original I’m Shmacked WVU St Patty day video is gone. This is the height of Huey Mack and Mike Stud. Seeing Huey in a, I’m Shmacked video was legendary for 17 years old me. The colleges that I wanted to go to were 100% influenced by I’m Shmacked, and I didn’t apply to any of them cause I then saw how much these colleges were, and I wasn’t going to pay that much to party. Looking back, mistakes were made, money is temporary, and party memories are forever.

God damn it do I miss St. Patty parties.

Written by Mailman Dave

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