It’s Cinco De Mayo Which Means Margaritas All Day

Tequila should be consumed all day today, and what is the best way to enjoy Tequila? In some margaritas. Now I know that you aren’t actually making margaritas, so you need to find a good mix. Instead of staring down the aisle at dozens of mixes, I’m here to help you.

Cheapest Mix

Trader Joe’s came out with its own margarita mix that is a whopping $2.49 for 32oz. Reading the reviews for the mix, people said that it just tastes like lemonade. Adding Tequila to the mix made it taste like Tequila and lemonade. So maybe instead of buying this mix, buy some lemonade, and it’ll be the same. Hey, $2.49 is perfect for college kids who want to think they are fancy on Cinco De Mayo and not just drinking straight Tequila from the bottle.

If we are talking about the cheap mix, we can’t forget about Jose Cuervo. For only $7, you can buy an entire liter. I know you’re in college, so you’re young enough not to be slammed by hangovers. With an insane amount of sugar, Jose Cuervo will absolutely give you a horrendous hangover. This is the first mix that anybody buys for margaritas. You might’ve stolen some Tequila from your parents, and you’re in Walmart with your buddies and have no idea what to mix with. A quick google search, and you’ll realize that margaritas are the best thing. For a super bad sugar hangover, and nostalgia Jose Cuervo is perfect.

Non Traditional Mixes

Do you want to have fire shits the next morning? Well, Hella Habanero Margarita mix is the best mix for you. Margarita’s don’t only have to be lime juice, triple sec, and simple syrup; they can be mixed up a little. According to Liquor, hella has the best spicy mix if you enjoy a little spice in your beverage.

If you don’t like lime margaritas, and if that’s the case, what’s wrong with you? This sounds like some fancy-ass shit that you brag about as soon as the drink touches your lips. I don’t know how this would taste, but it was rated the best flavored by Spruce Eats.

The Best Mixes

Tres Agaves mix was rated best by Liquor; if a website is called liquor, I’m not going to argue with them even though I’ve never tried this mix. Not only was it rated the best, but it’s also organic. And I know your hipster buddy will appreciate that.

Have fun getting hammered while celebrating a holiday that’s not really a holiday, but a great excuse to drink Tequila.

Written by Mailman Dave

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