Jackson Mahomes Shut His Victim’s Restaurant Down

Jackson Mahomes has been a confirmed piece of garbage for a while now. He has routinely abused the privileges associated with being the brother to the face of the NFL. Mahomes danced on a Sean Taylor memorial. He poured water on fans. Most recently, he sexually assaulted the owner of a restaurant in Kansas City. There is enough evidence to declare him human garbage in a court of public opinion. But now, it is getting worse. 

His victim is the owner of Aspen’s, a restaurant downtown in Kansas City. More accurately, she was the owner of Aspen’s before the Mahomes incident tanked her business. She mentioned the routine vandalism that happened to her restaurant in the months following the incident, as well as a seventy-five percent profit loss. She also mentioned receiving death threats over her role in this case. 

The people who are willing to do this to a restaurant in support of a football player’s brother are certified creeps. Doing this to another person’s livelihood is already a low-life move. But doing in support of someone who offers nothing to the world except a common enemy is truly pathetic.

Despite the misplaced support Jackson Mahomes has from the public, this is entirely his fault. He should be sent to a special rehab for people who need to have an entire personality makeover. Since his character was shaped over his entire life, it should require him to stay there for an extended period of time. I also think this place should force him to stay there, even if they need to put him in a guarded room with bars. Maybe a place like this exists, maybe it doesn’t. Either way, a place like that seems to be where Jackson Mahomes should spend the next ten to fifteen years of his life. 

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