Jada Pinkett Smith Got Her Family on Psychedelics

The strangest family in Hollywood is back. Jaden Smith was at the Psychedelic Science Conference in Denver, and he talked about how his mother introduced his family to psychedelics. He said his mom was the only user of psychedelics in the family for a long time. Apparently her thoughts on the subject opened up the rest of their eyes to using them. 

Jaden Smith talks about how he would argue with his siblings in the past, and using psychedelics helped him stop. He claims they allow him and his siblings to be more empathetic with each other. I don’t know how much he was arguing with his siblings. But it must’ve been a lot if they needed to take an actual family trip to solve their problems. 

This is just another piece of weird behavior from the Smith family. Jada is already too open with her sex life. Now we know about her drug intake. She’s basically a misbehaved teenager who can’t hide things from her parents, and her son is no better. Jaden is the type of guy who mistakes a shower thought for a profound insight into the universe. No wonder this ridiculous thought process of his came not only from taking psychedelics, but from being raised by a shroom lady.

Every time I see a member of the Smith family in the news, I feel bad for Will Smith. He is a great actor, and for the longest time he kept to himself. The slap changed his public opinion for the most part, but that was Jada’s fault too. Jada is always uncomfortable being the butt of the joke, and Will had to deal with it. I hope for his next birthday, his family does him a favor and vows to stay out of the news for a whole year. I’m sure he’d love to have some peace again.  

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