Jamie Foxx Wrongfully Accused of Antisemitism

Jamie Foxx never could’ve predicted that his collaboration with Kanye West on Gold Digger would’ve ended this poorly. His association with Kanye must be what people are mad about, because there is no way anyone actually interpreted this as antisemitic. In case you haven’t seen it, Jamie Foxx made a cryptic post on his Instagram story about Jesus being killed. He intended for it to be about betrayal, but people took it as a message bashing the Jewish community.

Jamie Foxx’s heavily scrutinized Instagram post

Foxx made another post to clarify that he was talking about a friend of his who deceived him. I think the reaction to this proves his point more than anything the people in his life have done to him, though. Foxx is immensely talented, and has historically been one of the least problematic actors in Hollywood. You can make his post about the Jewish community if you really want to. But who in the right mind is trying to cancel Jamie Foxx?

One response that is as funny as it is asinine is the one from Jennifer Aniston. You might’ve noticed from the screenshot attached above that she liked Foxx’s post. Maybe she related to it in some way. Who knows? As soon as the public scrutiny started coming in about this post, she hopped on the anti-Foxx bandwagon. She made a post about it makes her sick, and how she, “Did not like this post on purpose or by accident.” This is an Allen Iverson level crossover by Aniston. 

The reaction from Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston shows just how terrified celebrities are of getting cancelled these days. Five years ago, Foxx would’ve been in his own comment section calling fans dramatic while using words I can’t publish. Aniston is even worse. She is terrified of being cancelled through association. I can’t blame her. I just figured the supporting actors of the Horrible Bosses cast would’ve had some more support for each other. 

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