Janelle Monae Looks Stunning in Beach Bikini Video

Janelle Monae is a gift to humanity. She demonstrates a perfect combination of talent, and good looks. What’s even better, is that she shows off both of these evenly. Today is no different, as fans were blessed with a video of her walking around on a beach in a tiny bikini.

As far as I’m concerned, she broke into the entertainment industry with her contributions to the song “We Are Young” by Fun. That song is better than nearly anything The Beatles ever made, so she could’ve called it a career right there. But she didn’t. In the past year, she starred in Glass Onion, and flashed her audience at a performance. Both were great examples of ten out of ten videos.

Janelle Monae is approaching dangerous territory. The rest of her fans seem just as illogical as I am, so I think she needs to calm down before her demand in Hollywood gets out of control. Based on the limited amount of her that I’ve seen, it’s clear that she deserves to be in any movie, show, or song she desires. She is approaching season six Vinny Chase levels of popularity, which seems good. Most hardcore Entourage fans remember though, this path ends in a drug addiction and a lost fight at the hands of Eminem. I’d imagine Monae would rather avoid both of these. 

All of this being said, Monae does fame right. She seems to do a few projects a year that make her millions of dollars. She then spends the rest of her time looking gorgeous in very little clothing. If you can’t support that, then your favorite NBA player is probably Austin Reaves.  

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