Jason Luv Disses Adam22 During Post Lena the Plug Video Interview

Since the release of Lena the Plug’s new video with Jason Luv, I think it’s safe to say that the internet has completely imploded. The memes have been hilarious for everyone but Adam22 – who I honestly believe will never live this down. As a part of this whole charade, Jason Luv sat down in what looks to be the one and only Bang Bus for a post-video interview. Let’s take a look:

A couple of things stand out to me after watching this video. For one, it seems pretty evident to me that Jason Luv made a couple of sneak disses at Adam22. As you could probably imagine, Jason Luv has what we like to call “a third leg” that ninety-nine percent of the population can’t compete with. But, that didn’t stop Luv from taking a shot at Adam22’s manhood when he said, “Her p*ssy hadn’t been stretched out in a while”. If I heard another man say that about my wife – we’ve gotta fight. While Luv didn’t directly call Adam22 small, it’s pretty obvious that was his intention behind the quote. 

If one diss wasn’t enough, how about two? Later on in the interview, Jason Luv was asked if he “f*cked [Lena] better than Adam did?”, to which he responded, “obviously, yes”. Although this is classic bait by the interviewer, I still can’t believe we haven’t gotten any response from Adam22 to this comment. Now, I get the whole publicity thing, but this is your wife dude. I don’t care if I end up getting nearly beat to death, if someone ever said that they’re better in bed with my wife I am throwing hands immediately. 

I’m sure this won’t be the end of what is turning out to be the most insane publicity stunt of all time. Maybe we will get a video with Jason Luv, Lena the Plug, and Adam22? All I know is that I’m certainly not going to be paying for any of it (thank you Reddit).


Thank the lord that Adam finally responded. His manhood was truly at stake. I would’ve gone for a different angle other than, “You’re blacklisted from smashing my wife”, but way to stick up for yourself champ! I wonder what dirt Adam has on Jason Luv because I’m almost certain that will come out in a day or so.

Written by the godfather

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