Jennifer Lawrence Flaunts Bod in See-Through Lingerie

I’m fully aware of the science behind puberty, but I’m still convinced that Jennifer Lawrence is the sole reason I became a man. Recently, Lawrence’s stunning physique was highlighted in her new movie No Hard Feelings, going completely nude for a lengthy scene. While I’m certain this scene alone could’ve satisfied J-Law enthusiasts for quite some time, we were blessed once again with a jaw-dropping photo of Lawrence in nearly see-through lingerie:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think I just found my new phone background. It’s too bad The Hunger Games got taken off of Netflix – otherwise, they’d probably be receiving quite a surge of activity right now. I mean, there really is no better way to promote a movie than posting super hot pictures online. I guess you can’t exactly do that for Oppenheimer, but I was always going to watch Barbie first anyways. 

Soon to be 33 later this summer, Jennifer Lawrence shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. In all honesty – she might not have even entered her prime yet. I foresee a LeBron-esque career for Miss Lawrence, continuing on as one of the best up until she just physically can’t compete anymore. If J-Law keeps posting lingerie pictures well into her fifties, I don’t think anyone sane would ever complain. 

Anniston. Lopez. Garner. It’s clear that the Jennifer name is held to a high standard in Hollywood. I don’t have an ounce of doubt in me that Lawrence will continue on the Jennifer legacy with grace. And if she keeps going nude in movies, she might go down as the greatest Jennifer of all time.

Written by the godfather

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