Jennifer Lawrence Fully Nude in New Movie

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Jennifer Lawrence’s nudity is nothing new to the internet. Pathetic masturbators everywhere remember the glorious and profound moment travesty that occurred when her nudes leaked online, and since then, she lost the clothing in films, namely Red Sparrow. Her new movie, No Hard Feelings, features a scene in which the Hunger Games actress gives us a full-frontal display. Jennifer Lawrence being fully nude in this new movie is one of the biggest draws to it, in my opinion.

The movie came out today, June 23rd. It focuses on Lawrence’s character, hired by a rich family to “date” their nineteen-year-old son in order to break him out of his shell. It’s been described as a raunchy sex comedy, so it’s likely that things don’t go all according to plan throughout the movie. Who cares about plot at a time like this, though? We can go see Jennifer Lawrence’s boobies on the big screen.

Through diligent investigative journalism, I was able to view a pirated clip of the scene on Reddit’s r/celebnsfw page. It’s not even close to a sex scene. It takes place on the beach when a bunch of guys seem to steal Lawrence’s character’s clothing. Lawrence comes running out of the water and beats the living crap out of these people. She’s also catching her fair share of blows, but mainly, it’s naked JLaw pile-driving dudes into the sand.

If this fully nude scene is any indication of how Lawrence’s career is trending, I’m here for it. I think she should continue appearing on screen in as little clothing as possible. She is incredibly attractive, and her naked body is pleasing to me. So, if by some miracle you’re reading this Jennifer Lawrence, I’d just like to say thank you for going fully nude in your new movie. Thank you for making art. I truly appreciate it.

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