Jennifer Lopez Dances on Table to Celebrate Her Birthday

Jennifer Lopez just celebrated her fifty-fourth birthday. This might seem impossible by looking at her. Between her looks, and the way she acted on her most recent birthday, she seems to be more youthful and energetic than most people in their thirties. She spent the day with family and friends, dancing on a table and trying on bikinis. Fortunately for fans, she even shared the whole thing on her Instagram. 

In her caption of the post she said, “Always a good day when Lola comes out to play.” Apparently, this is Lopez’s alter-ago who she brings out when she is having fun. She says the character is more playful and care free than she is. The whole thing is really weird. If she weren’t so unbelievably good looking, and therefore famous, she would probably get scrutinized for it. Instead, Lola gets to hang out in a sixty-million dollar mansion with Ben Affleck’s alter-ego: “The Actor Who Doesn’t Live in Matt Damon’s Shadow.”

Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to be a weird couple. They aren’t MGK and Megan Fox levels of weird. But they are both definitely too famous to remember what it’s like being a regular human being. They feel like they give out twenty-dollar bills and DVD copies of Argo to kids on Halloween. I don’t think they really harm anyone, but I also think a conversation with the two of them would be pretty insufferable. 

Happy birthday to Jennifer Lopez. Thanks for looking great on the internet again. It’s always appreciated.

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