Kanye’s Wife is Falling Out of Her Shirt in an Italian Street Shoot

Kanye and his wife have been in Italy for a while. You might think the newlyweds are spending time away from their usual homes in an attempt to live their lives free of the media for a while. You’d be wrong, as they might have more cameras in their face in Italy than they do when they are in the United States. 

Shortly after they arrived for their extended stay in Italy, it was reported that locals were annoyed with the revealing clothes they were galivanting around in. Kanye of course responded by publicly receiving… uhhhh, a sensual favor from his wife on a boat in front of a crowd. It was photographed, and believe it or not it was hilarious.

Apparently, the locals are starting to come around to Kanye and his wife, Bianca Censori. They were recently walking around Italy when they were stopped by a crowd of fans. Apparently West was in the mood to engage with fans, so he had his wife pose for a photoshoot with fans. While surrounded by dozens of strangers in the middle of the street, Kanye pulled out his phone and crouched down to get good angles of his wife. It was bizarre. 

In a story filled with odd behavior, Censori’s reaction is the funniest part. Her outfit isn’t enough cloth to cover most toddlers, and you can see the discomfort on her face. She looks around and sees everyone from teenagers to mothers holding babies standing around her. It looks like she just had her first doubt about marrying the craziest man alive.

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