Kanye and His Wife Must Think Italy is Clothing Optional

I guess Kanye is going to Kanye.

Kanye and his new wife, Bianca Censori, have been travelling through Italy for about a month now. They have been fully clothed for none of that time. There have been reports that Italian citizens have been complaining about Censori’s clear body suit that exposes her entire body. In addition to this, Kanye has been barefoot the entire time. That last one probably offends me more than any Italians though. 

As if Kanye hadn’t annoyed the nation of Italy enough yet, today he was spotted on a boat with his wife in a very suggestive position. The two were sitting on a boat, and Censori had her head near West’s crotch. The pair were also photographed from behind, which showed both of Kanye’s bare cheeks. Censori’s arms also did nothing to dispute the speculations flying around the internet. 

My knowledge of Italian people comes mainly from The Sopranos, The Godfather, and the guy on the Ragu jars who I once had a delightful conversation with while on mushrooms. As a result, you could say I’m not particularly educated on the subject. Still, I figured that someone would’ve had him whacked, or at least sent back to the United States for being this far out of line. 

Since Kanye’s extensive internet tirade about Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and his hatred for Judaism, he has gone pretty silent. He hasn’t been mentioning any new music or projects. It appears that he wants to stay out of the media right now, but he is really bad at it. Typically, he looks straight into the camera and screams when he wants to be heard. This leads me to believe that West thought he was being discreet as his wife flaunted her nipples, and they made their “intimate,” life very public. 

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