Kylie Jenner is Looking Good Pool Side

Kylie Jenner seemed to have a thoroughly relaxing weekend sitting by the pool in a bikini she likely has made millions of dollars selling. She posted the picture of herself in the revealing swimsuit with the caption “Happy Saturday.” Naturally, the space for riveting content like this online is growing, because Kylie’s inspirational message garnered her five million likes.

None of this should be a surprise, as Kylie owns one of the only Instagram posts in the top twenty most liked that wasn’t a picture of an international soccer icon or an egg. This could show how the beauty of the Kardashian family is one of the most universally agreed upon things in the world, but a picture of an egg with sixty-million likes sorta removes the validity of the list. 

I wonder how many likes I would get on the same picture. I’m pretty sure people aren’t interested in seeing me in a bikini. That being said, my social media presence is more genuine than Kylie’s. I think me wishing the world a happy Saturday is more significant. And I think the likes I receive might reflect that. No matter how many people think they are hilarious by commenting, “Use this comment as a dislike button,” you can’t take away a like earned by an unhealthy body and genuine positivity. 

Obviously I’m joking. Kylie and the rest of her family have a grasp on the internet that is unmatched by the people of the world with average genetics doctors. As much as all of us would like to make enough money to cover our student loans from one Instagram picture, it’s not happening. Unless you are Lionel Messi, Kylie Jenner, or a jumbo brown egg. 

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