Live Streamers are The Worst Thing in Internet History

need to start this by addressing my absolute breaking point with live streaming as a whole. Some moron named Fousey was arrested for faking a hostage situation in a Miami hotel room. All on a live stream, he called the police and was screaming about being held hostage and a gun being pointed at him. Naturally, when police arrived and saw he was just a clout-chasing streamer with an intelligence deficiency, he was arrested. 

*sigh* Now I can address the title of this blog. Streamers are the worst thing that has ever happened on the internet. As far as I’m concerned, the act of streaming got popular along with gaming. People would play video games on Twitch, and thousands of people would flock to their channel to see them get way too good at their respective game. It was never my thing, but at least it made sense. 

The new group of streamers are much, much worse. I’m talking about people like Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, and America’s new poster boy of stupidity, Fousey. These guys combined have zero skills. They aren’t doing anything funny, interesting, or generally entertaining on their streams. These guys are just going through their problematic lives with a camera in their face.

Adin Ross said the n-word on stream. Kai Cenat’s stream led to a violent mob of teenagers in New York that were arrested. A guy named “I Show Speed” showed something else a bit more personal to an audience of children. All of this happened in the past few months. 

What really bothers me about this profession as a whole, is the fact that streamers are incentivized to do the exact same thing as everyone else. People actually get hundreds if not thousands of viewers by enthusiastically reacting to emojis that people with too much free time comment.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s called the NPC trend. People literally look at their phone and recite a response that correlates to a specific emoji. One example is a hot dog. When it pops up, people say, “Thank you for the glizzy,” and make a gesture you probably learned in sixth grade. The worst part of this trend, is that it has served as a minor league for streamers to grow their account to a point where they have to do nothing other than exist on camera.  

At this point, I’d rather read a three-thousand-word essay from a die-hard Taylor Swift fan then see another video of a teenager doing the NPC trend. There are a lot of trends on the internet that make no sense to me, but this one is too big. I’m one internationally famous streamer away from adopting my grandfather’s opinions on technology.

These guys deserve every single inconvenience that comes from relying on a mob of thousands of twelve-year-olds for a living. I hope Adin Ross’ fans keep sending him his sister’s OnlyFans content. I hope I Show Speed keeps being tormented over flashing his junk to children. Most of all, I hope Fousey serves an Andy Dufresne level jail sentence. They ruined the internet by never getting off of it. 

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Written by TFM

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