Livvy Dunne and Justin Jefferson are Hanging Out

Livvy Dunne and Justin Jefferson were seen hanging out at the ESPY’s. Livvy posted a picture of the two LSU alum, with the caption “geaux tigz.” Jefferson appeared to be more than happy to meet the most culturally relevant LSU athlete he hasn’t played football with. He smiled ear to ear and put his arm around Dunne, leaving fans to speculate if something is happening between the two. 

Jefferson officially makes Baby Gronk the second best football player linked to Dunne in the past few months. I think Dunne needs to find someone her own speed, though. Baby Gronk is clearly too young. He also couldn’t handle the media attention of being associated with Dunne, and the internet turned on him as a result. Jefferson, on the other hand, is too advanced for Dunne. She’s handled internet fame better than almost anyone, but I don’t think she is ready for an NFL locker room. 

The news of Justin Jefferson dating Livvy Dunne would be more talked about in the Vikings locker room than any time Kirk Cousins has worn an excessive number of chains. She would no longer be hugging her boyfriend from the front of the stands after games. She would get a microphone in her face from Erin Andrews and get flirted with by any player on their rookie contract. 

What I think would be their biggest issue, is Livvy being associated with Jefferson’s performance. If he failed to get 100 yards or a touchdown in one game, she would no longer be mobbed for autographs on campus. She would instead have a bunch of angry fantasy owners blaming her for their loss that week.

Dunne gets plenty of attention on her own. Dating a public figure like Jefferson might make her life totally unbearable. Instead, she should date someone nobody knows. For example, she would be better off with a blogger from a site called something like Total Frat Move. I know a guy if she’s interested.

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