Livvy Dunne Doesn’t Want to Talk NIL

Livvy Dunne is super-duper hot. Now that I’ve mentioned the elephant in the room, I’d like to discuss some recent comments she made about discussing NIL deals with teammates. She said she doesn’t like to talk about NIL deals with her teammates. Instead saying they talk about, “normal locker room talk.” In other words, Livvy Dunne isn’t talking to her broke ass teammates about her million-dollar brand deals and all the blue checks in her Instagram DMs.

First of all, I’m not sure Livvy Dunne understands what she is saying when she talks about locker room talk. This is the specific terminology my mother utilized when she outlawed certain words from the dinner table. It was also incredibly accurate because some of the foulest conversations I’ve ever had took place in a locker room. Are Livvy Dunne and her teammates glorifying hook up stories and competitively farting against each other? That’s what locker room talk is. In high school, we played a game that’s goal was sliding a water bottle into someone’s nuts on a bench. She’s not talking about sponsorships with American Eagle, but she certainly isn’t engaged in locker room talk. 

With all that said, I don’t want this to come off like I’m criticizing Livvy Dunne. I know nothing about her personality or talent, but I’m a big fan of hers. Anyone that aggressively hot deserves good things to happen to them. I am a staunch defender of locker room talk, but I am also somewhat of a warrior for the genetically blessed. Margot Robbie could do a remake of any made-for-tv Disney nonsense my sister has ever made me watch and I’ll watch it. I respect Livvy Dunne for being lowkey about being the most famous woman in college sports.

I don’t really have another point to make to finish this blog, so I’m going to distract you from my lack of writing talent with a bunch of pictures of Livvy Dunne.  

Hot Pictures of Livvy Dunne:

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