Liz Hurley Looks Hot in her Son’s Erotic Thriller

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An Oedipus complex and a nepotism baby all wrapped up in one? Damian Hurley’s new movie sure looks like a stinker. Fortunately for us, he exploited his smoking hot mom to give us something to be interested about. Elizabeth Hurley is most known in my head for being the love interest in the first Austin Powers movie. But now, she is showing her on screen sex appeal once again, for her son’s debut feature film. The movie is titled Strictly Confidential, and not much is known about it other than it’s an erotic thriller, and Damian Hurley directed his mother in a sex scene.

I understand that when making his shitty little independent snoozer, he realized his mother would be the only experienced actress who would give a damn about it. That’s because  his mother agreed to star in his first feature film when he was eight. Does that mean he wrote this scene with his mother in mind? Maybe the script actually reads, “My mom walks in wearing a super-hot dress. It’s so distracting for the audience. Then they have sex, and that’s hot too.”

Courtesy of MSR Media

I don’t like this movie one bit. I don’t like how Damian Hurley is successfully manipulating me into marketing his movie with his mom’s cleavage. If your movie is going to suck anyway, just make your shitty art film and leave your mom out of it. Elizabeth Hurley is a fine actress, but she is not going to make up for the likely abomination that comes from someone who’s most magnum opus is putting his mother in a revealing dress.  

The only thing that is good about this, is the fact that Damian Hurley might actually reignite his mother’s career. Despite being almost sixty, she still looks good. I wish her funbags could get some appreciation from someone other than the guy who was nourished by them as a baby, but here we are.

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