Logan Paul Already Lost to Dillon Danis Over Nina Agdal Tweets

The Dillon Danis and Logan Paul beef has been wild so far. The two have a fight set for October 14 in England. Anyone who has seen more than one Paul brothers fight knows this fight will surely be a snoozer. This match hasn’t had any shortage of action though, as Danis has been incessantly taunting Paul for his fiancée Nina Agdal, and her extensive dating history. 

It started this weekend when Danis’ taunting of Agdal appeared to really get under Paul’s skin. He filed a cease and desist on Danis for his constant stream of pictures of Nina Agdal. This included pictures of her with past boyfriends, famous celebrities, and half naked pictures of Agdal. These pictures included Leonardo Dicaprio, LeBron James, and even Vinny Chase. It’s a lot, but it’s not even all of Danis’ tweets about her. 

After Paul’s cease and desist, Twitter temporarily suspended Danis’ account. The dude didn’t seem worried about it, though. He is still creating ways to get into Paul’s head. Yesterday, he posted with threats of a picture that would get the fight cancelled and him sent to jail. What’s even better are the celebrities rubbing salt in Paul’s wound by backing up this information. 

Top G posted about it, saying he woke up to a message from Danis that confirmed his threat about a “nuclear bomb” of a photo. Logan Paul is the name drawing in the money to this fight. Danis confirmed he is getting more from it than he ever has from his fighting career. Yet he has planted himself so far into Paul’s head without a word about their upcoming fight. 

Dillon Danis is a wrestling specialist in an organization for Bellator MMA. To my limited knowledge, they are basically a step below the UFC in talent. Danis is not a special fighter by any means, but he sure is a star when it comes to trash talk. His ability to get rich off Logan Paul while simultaneously making him hate his life is pretty hilarious. He’s already beat Paul, regardless of what happens in the ring. Just read through Danis’ Twitter for proof.

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