Looks Like Livvy Has A New Boyfriend

Today is a sad day, boys. Rumors have begun to spread that America’s crush Livvy Dunne now has a boyfriend.

While Livvy has yet to actually say anything publicly, several pieces of evidence over the past few weeks have led fans and potential Livvy suitors to believe she has a new boyfriend. To make matters worse, we have no chance at competing with this dude.

Livvy’s suspected new beau just so happens to be one of the biggest rising stars in baseball: Paul Skenes. If you are unfamiliar with Skenes, he was the first overall pick in this year’s MLB draft and signed the largest ever rookie contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Currently, Skenes plays for the Pirates minor league team the Florida Coast League Pirates.

Like Livvy, Skenes attended LSU last year, leading the Tigers to a National Championship. In his sole season at LSU, Skenes impressively held an ERA of 1.69 and led the entire NCAA in strikeouts with 209. According to, Skenes currently ranks as the number three overall minor league prospect and first overall pitcher.

Rumors between Livvy and Skenes only recently developed, causing many to think the two were never romantically involved while at LSU. First signs of this dreaded romance came late last month when Livvy traveled to Bradenton, FL — the same city the FCL Pirates train in.

During her trip, Livvy posted a selfie to her Snapchat story. In the photo, Livvy rocks a Pirates while showing off some Chick-Fil-A. Fans were quick to notice the hat, yet hardcore Livvy simps sniffed out an extra piece of evidence: a baseball glove.

(Photo from Livvy Dunne on Snapchat)

Not just any baseball glove, however. In the corner of the selfie, you can see a black Marucci baseball mitt. Why is this noteworthy? Well, it just so happens that Skenes used that same exact type of glove at LSU. Coincidence? I hope so, but probably not.

(Photo from LSU Athletics)

It’s not a shock that Livvy would date a baseball player. The social media star has previously made it clear that she’s into guys that play baseball. Being one of (if not the) most stunning and famous girls in the world right now, it doesn’t come as a surprise Livvy would pick the best player she could find. Especially considering he went to LSU.

Again, neither Livvy nor Skenes has addressed these rumors, so not all hope is lost quite yet. That said, the evidence looks pretty damning. Maybe it’s time we give up courting Livvy to be our girlfriend and choose a new social media celeb to pursue.

I heard Alix Ealre’s relationship with Braxton Berrios is a bit shaky. Maybe it’s time we focus our attention towards a different pretty blonde way out of our league. Just a thought.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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