Alix Earle Seen Kissing 17-Year-Old, Braxton Berrios Villian Arch Coming Soon

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 12: Braxton Berrios and Alix Earle attend the 2023 ESPYs Awards at the Dolby Theatre on July 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/FilmMagic)

I’m not huge on Tik Tok drama nor do I really care about rich people and their fake relationships, but this has spiked my interest. Is it because Alix Earle kissed a 17-year-old? Probably.

Let me give you some context on who Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios are.

Alix Earle is a Tik Tok superstar with 5.6 million followers. She is famous for some self-evident reasons and I think you can make the connection I am talking about.

Braxton Berrios on the other hand is someone many probably don’t know. He plays for the Miami Dolphins and had one of the most insane college mixtapes for a guy with the same lack of melanin that I have. Let’s not act like he wasn’t doing all this while leading “The U” out of the tunnel, that’s aura.

After Braxton Berrios and his then-girlfriend, Sophia Culpo ended things; he was still in the hottest place in the country, playing receiver for the Dolphins. Naturally, he could pick pretty much whoever he wanted. Thankfully for him, Alix Earle just broke up with her MLB boyfriend, Tyler Wade. Like moths to a lamp, they got together.

Braxton and Alix attended Michael Rubins’ “White Party” together and had photo-ops taken at the 2023 ESPYs. While they claim they were never official, we all know how it goes.

This is where the story gets weird, Alix Earle was seen kissing a 17-year kid at a club.

It began with some screenshots making their way around Reddit that the Tik Tok drama freaks got their hands on, showcasing a photo of Alix partying at a club, and right beside her was Sebastian de Felice. Sebastian happens to be the grandson of the famous fashion designer Donna Karan, known for DKNY. Oh, to be rich.

The kid turned 18 the next day, but we all know that won’t hold up in court. I don’t even blame Alix Earle for this, if you’re at a club, you should believe without reasonable doubt that everyone there is of age.

I will be taking Braxton Berrios’s season receiving OVER!

Written by TFM Stelly

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