Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Might Be Perfect For Each Other

Somehow the man who went from being a Wild Boy to making Pop punk songs is hooking up with the goddess that is Megan Fox. If you didn’t crank it to Megan Fox in Transformers you’re just lying. For some guys she was our first crush, and the first girl on tv that made our peckers twitch.

Some guys buy expensive flowers, nice jewelry, or just a heart shaped box of chocolates for their girlfriend on Valentines Day. Nope not MGK he went and got Fox’s blood in a necklace.

Can we just imagine if Armie Hammer did this for his girlfriend it seems like something that freak would love to do. This isn’t the first time that a celebrity couple have fucked around and got their significant others blood put in a necklace. Back in the day Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie both wore each others blood in necklaces. Nothing says eternal love like wearing somebody else’s blood. One of the strangest couples in Hollywood history would’ve course do something like this. Also Billy Bob Thornton must’ve had a wrench on him to land Angelina Jolie who is just a casual 20 years younger than him. That relationship lasted a long time…

Before she was giving out blood samples to be put on a necklace she lived a very vanilla life with her Ex husband Brian Austin Green who she had 3 kids with. Now that she’s with MGK she’s letting her freak flag fly high.

Maybe Megan Fox is a freak who is perfect for Machine Gun Kelly or maybe it’s like when a college girl wants to experiment with other girls. Regardless it’s safe to say that every guy under 30 is jealous of MGK.

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