Megan Fox is a Witch

Megan Fox is in the middle of beef with Starbucks online. Sorry, I only scanned the TMZ article that first broke this news to me. She is actually in the middle of an internet dispute with a man named Robby Starbuck who accused her of forcing her sons to dress like girls. The tweet claimed the two used to be neighbors and he saw her sons have breakdowns about their clothing. Fox then responded on Instagram by posting a picture of Starbuck’s Tweet and posting the following message in her caption. 

As if that wasn’t enough intimidation from the Transformers star, she followed it up with this story to double down on the witchy threats to Venti latte or whatever his name is. 

Her and MGK have pretty openly been cult members for the past few years. She wore a vile of his blood on the red carpet. The media forces everyone to know way too much about the kinky, satanic side of their relationship. This is the best part of it. She just threatened to have a séance on this dude’s porch. Threats to beat someone’s ass are so old. Threatening to get revenge on someone with a ghost-for-hire? That is so bad ass.

Unsurprisingly, Elon Musk used this topic as a chance to make a joke on Twitter. He tweeted, “Looking to hire a VP of Witchcraft & Propaganda.” Musk has been using his new title as owner of Twitter to justify posting whatever the hell he wants recently. I must say this is probably the funniest incite he has given recently. It almost feels like he is just trying to get Fox pissed off even further. Fox hasn’t responded publicly, which means she likely fazed through his wall holding a knife in the middle of the night, or whatever else witches do. 

Good on Fox for using her crazy to her advantage. I would totally use the undead to prank my friends if I could. 

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