Michael Jordan responds to Larsa Pippen…

Since his playing days, Michael Jordan has always been known to be a stone-cold killer. Being from Chicago, I am contractually obligated to forever argue that MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time – but this is a take I actually believe in quite deeply for a variety of reasons. For one, his championship record is undeniable (6-0, if you weren’t aware). Secondly, he’s built one of the biggest basketball shoe empires that this world will ever see. And finally, MJ is the GOAT because he doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap – even his own son’s

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s relationship will be a headline for as long as it lasts. However, Michael doesn’t seem to care one bit. After Larsa came out saying she was “traumatized” by MJ’s reaction to their relationship, MJ responded in the only way that a true GOAT would:

Smoking a cigar on a boat in Italy with his smoking hot wife. Now that is quite a way of signaling to someone that you really could care less about them. If it was anyone else’s son dating Larsa Pippen, they might be inclined to intervene and shut down a relationship that seems to only involve drama. But not MJ. Bro is living the life while his former teammate’s ex-wife is getting intimate via hookah with his son. 

Marcus has claimed that MJ actually reached out to him to say he has no problem with him dating Larsa, but who knows how much truth there is in that? It might’ve been more of a – “You can date her but don’t expect me to be at the wedding or any family gathering until I die”. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. I mean, there’s no shot Marcus and Larsa even get married, right?

Written by the godfather

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