Moriah Mills Claims To Be Pregnant With Zion’s Baby

(Photo from @thisismoriahmills on Instagram)

It’s been over two weeks since Zion Williamson announced his pregnancy with his girlfriend causing pornstar Moriah Mills to go crazy, and yet she just keeps on getting even wilder.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, basically Zion posted a couple weeks ago that his girlfriend was pregnant. Then, professional sex-haver Moriah Mills went on a Twitter rampage saying that she and Zion were an item, claiming that he was preparing to move her out to New Orleans.

Due to Mills extensive NSFW bombardment towards Zion, Twitter suspended her account, but that didnt stop her craziness. Last week, to make more headlines, Mills posted an Instagram video of her getting Zion’s name tattooed on her face.

Getting any sort of face tattoo is a ridiculous decision. Yet, getting the name of someone who is clearly starting a family with someone else is flat-out batshit. Welp, as of about two hours ago, that’s not even remotely close to the most bizarre thing she’s done.

Around 10am EST this morning, Mills posted a video to her Instagram story showing a positive pregnancy test.

(Photo from @thisismoriahmills on Instagram)

While everyone immediately assumed she was referring to this fetus as Zion’s, her next post made it perfectly clear.

(Photo from @thisismoriahmills on Instagram)

Now, clearly this woman is insane. That said, you gotta admit that Zoriah is a pretty clever name if the baby is actually Zion’s. If it is, I suggest they combine last names too and call the kid Zoriah Milliamson. You gotta admit, that’s kinda sick.

Cool name choice aside, Mills has clearly taken this too far. It’s possible I’m wrong, but I just assume that she isn’t actually pregnant. If she is, that means Zion got two women pregnant in the same month. Dawg. It also means that his life with his girlfriend is probably over and he might as well start hanging out with Future and Nick Cannon.

I do genuinely believe that Mills has done all of this for attention. Back when the Zion news first broke, Mills ranked as PornHub’s 197th most viewed “actress.” She is now number 15. I gotta say, while I do despise her actions, this has been one of the most impressive marketing strategies I’ve ever seen.

Zion has been as silent on this situation as he is on the court. I hope he clears the air about this at some point, whether it truly is his baby or not. Yet if his response to females is anything like his response to injuries, that may take him a couple of seasons.

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Written by Alex Becker

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