Moriah Mills Threatening the Pelicans Over Zion Sex Tape

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It appears a porn star might have a great impact on the landscape of talent in the NBA next year. Moriah Mills is threatening to leak a sex tape between her and Zion Williamson if he doesn’t get traded from the Pelicans. Mills has kept their dispute very public. She has been posting messages between the two and sharing tweets about the details of their sex life. She mentioned how he moved her out to New Orleans before announcing he’s expecting a child with someone else. 

Mills is definitely doing this to threaten Zion. I just don’t know if she is aware of how much power she has right now. She is publicly blackmailing a billion-dollar corporation to get rid of the face of their business. And she is almost definitely going to win. While Zion has been great when on the court for the Pelicans, it’s very rare when he’s playing. Along with his injury history, his public sex life is appearing to become a head ache for the Pelicans. Mills has aired all of her grievances with Williamson, and now is probably going to get Zion traded. 

This is MTV level drama we are witnessing from these two. Maybe, Mills feels upset about being in the same city as Zion after their beef. Most people live in the same city as their ex, but most people would also remove them if given the chance. I think the other alternative, is that she is doing this simply out of pettiness. I hope it’s this, as it would be the wildest story in the history of sports. Clearly Mills has nothing to lose. I would link a video of her having sex in this blog if I was confident my boss wouldn’t interrupt his vacation to fire me tomorrow.

As a result of this, the Pelicans are likely going to trade him to avoid the media fallout. If they think he has no trade value now, imagine what happens when a video of him three-sixty windmill his fingers into a different rim drops. 

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