Nina Agdal Sues Dillon Danis Over Suggestive Tweets

Dillon Danis has been pretty active with his promotion methods for his upcoming fight with Logan Paul. At least that’s what he’s been calling it. For about a month, he has been posting very suggestive pictures and videos of Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. This has included pictures of her with countless men, as well as sexually charged speeches to her selfie camera. It has undeniably put a bunch of eyes on the upcoming fight, but Nina and Logan are not appreciative of his marketing push. 

Today, the news broke that Nina Agdal is filing a lawsuit and restraining order with Dillon Danis over his social media posts. Fans have speculated about the reason behind the lawsuit. Some believe that Agdal sued Danis to prevent him from leaking, “a bomb of a video,” that he has been constantly threatening to post online. It’s more likely that Agdal wanted to stop getting calls from her aunts about hooking up with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

There have been two sides to this debate on the internet. One side thinks that Danis is a misogynist, and his actions leading up to this fight are over the line. The other side thinks it’s fair game. And this whole saga has left them happily entertained. I’m not sure either side is right, but I don’t think they’re wrong either. 

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis agreed to each get crazy rich by throwing some punches at each other. But to do this, they need to give people a distraction from the fact that neither of them are experienced boxers. Danis has done a better job than any of the Pauls’ other opponents in doing this. He has used Agdal’s undeniable good looks, and classic internet trash talk to skyrocket the fight’s attention. Logan should be thanking him. He can’t just change the rules because he doesn’t like how Dillon is doing it. 

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