Paige Spiranac and Kay Adams to Golf Together

I need to find out when this game is happening, and if Shams is available to book the tee time immediately after them with me. 

Watching sports is always great, but it is better with Paige Spiranac. The internet golf sensation has taken the online traffic that TFM gave her (I will never let this go) and turned into immense success. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she golfs in revealing outfits for a living. What man can’t love that?

Kay Adams joining her for a round is even better than Spiranac playing a round by herself. These two are some of my favorite people working in sports today. Also, Spiranac can’t get to a fairway without a camera crew following her. As a result, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot from the round between these two. 

The movie I Love You Man states that golfing with women is never a good idea. I think this could be the exception to the rule. As much fun as it is to hit golf balls into the woods while chugging beers and operating a vehicle, I’d be willing to change my style of play in this group. Spiranac might be able to get my score below 110, while Adams could tell me countless stories of NFL players. I also must say, because I’m not sure if I mentioned it, they are really good looking. 

If Tom Brady gets to play in an annual televised golf match, there’s no reason not to put this one on ESPN. It’s way more entertaining than watching a four hour fake smile from a man who chose a terrible football team over his family. 

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