Parents Paying $4k For Their Daughters To Get Recruited to Sororities

Getting your daughter into a top college so she can pursue her communications major may not be the last of your admissions challenges. According to The Wall Street Journal, some parents are now paying up to $4,000 to secure their daughters’ spots in their dream sororities.

Several sorority consultants are offering advice and coaching services to help aspiring members navigate the competitive admissions process. These consultants assist with everything from wardrobe choices and behavior to managing their social media presence.

Stacia Damron, founder of the sorority-consulting company Hiking in Heels, compared sorority admissions to the competitiveness of top colleges, even claiming it can be more complicated than getting into Stanford for an MBA.

This article did not phase me at all due to what I saw on HBO Max about the Alabama rush. We should have seen this coming from the beginning. I really don’t understand why parents would pay this money just for their daughters to end up at Pike every Thursday night drinking Natty Light. Just seems like a weird thing to pay for at such a high price.

4 thousand dollars is a solid amount of money for most Americans and it seems like there are a good amount of people that would spend this type of money if they’re in business. I am glad our country is headed towards a recession because stuff like this and NFTs have ruined the perception of money for people my age.

Nonetheless, the cost of hiring a sorority consultant, up to $4,000, is still considerably less than what I will spend on vodka sodas this semester.

Written by TFM Stelly

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