Pentagon Whistleblower Confirms Aliens on Earth: Internet Has Mixed Reactions

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A science fiction concept of a man with a torch looking at an alien UFO. Floating above a field on a spooky foggy night in the countryside.

Recently, there was a hearing held by the House Oversight Committee to discuss national security, public safety, and government transparency. I’ll save you a google–this is a committee designed to keep the House of Representatives honest, and this hearing was basically a catch all to discuss what they deemed interesting. One of the notable things discussed was aliens on Earth. 

This topic was discussed by a Pentagon whistleblower named David Grutsch, a former intelligence official. He stated last month that the United States had possession of alien vehicles. After not being silenced for those comments by the government, he must’ve felt truly comfortable to say what he wanted, because he was pretty open at this hearing. 

He was cautious about what he chose to share, opting to answer many of the committee’s questions in private. But he did state that foreign vehicles were found with non-human drivers, and also that individuals have been injured working on these discoveries. He didn’t go into the specifics, which means potentially dangerous foreign creatures could be on the planet. But it also could mean that a dog was found in a crashed car, and then a scientist rolled his ankle working on the autopsy. The former is clearly what he was hinting at, but his cryptic wording gave the internet plenty of room to work with this.

I won’t try to tell you what the significance of this guy’s statements are. He could be one of the biggest public whistleblowers of all time, or he could be a legendary prankster who just wanted to get people worked up. Both options are pretty wacky, and the reactions to this guy have been too.

The first side of the internet seems to think this is a historic event of some kind. The number one response I saw on my timeline could be summarized as, “Why don’t people care about this more? This is crazy information. Like my tweet I’m desperate for the validation. *insert irrelevant gif*”

The second side of this debate online, is that this guy saying what he claims to know for fact about aliens is nothing to worry about. Quite frankly, I’d like to have a beer with this group. They aren’t bothered by things they don’t know for fact, so they make jokes. Definitely my type of people.

The third are people who are using for their own agendas. These people suck. I wish there was a way to hurl a virtual egg at their Twitter account, because they deserve it. 

All in all, this is a pretty crazy thing to happen. It’s pretty hard to say what we should make of this. So I’m going to watch Cowboys and Aliens starring Harrison Ford, because it is the best alien movie of all-time. 

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