Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Got High and Bought a Boat

Boy, do I wish I was rich enough to be a part of this blunt rotation. Former SNL castmates Pete Davidson and Colin Jost got really high one night and spent nearly 300 grand on a boat that Davidson described as, “a windowless van of the sea.” Based on what Davidson said about the boat in a recent interview, it sounds like it was a terrible purchase. Apparently, the boat is a straight up money trap. The duo had plans to renovate the boat to include a bar, a nice restaurant, and a floor dedicated to entertainment. Instead, the boat has sat behind Pete Davidson’s house and collected dust for a year. 

Typically, I have to make some jokes about these kinds of stories, but I truly think the funniest part of this story is seeing the picture of the boat.

Exactly how high did these two get to convince themselves this was a good idea. This is no yacht for these guys to entertain guests. This is a full-blown ferry that they wanted to turn into a business. Hearing Pete Davidson talk about it is hilarious. It is shockingly relatable considering it was a six-figure purchase influenced by THC. He describes it like it’s a thirty-dollar McDonalds order that was made late the previous night. The regret in his voice while he is talking about the 300-foot steel box may be a little familiar, but it doesn’t make it any less funny. 

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson buying a boat cements both of them in the top five of people who I’d instantly switch lives with. These two guys do nothing but make jokes all day. They also happen to date some of the hottest women in the world. Pete Davidson dated Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and still probably hasn’t hit his dating prime yet. Jost on the other hand, has already speed dated every actress at the Oscars, and married Scarlett Johannson. I’d probably be making dumb purchases on boats too if I were them. If my life went as smoothly as these guys, I’d probably live like there were no consequences either.

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