Pete Davidson Levels House with his BMW

On this episode of “Wasting Money: with Pete Davidson,” Pete crashed his Mercedes Benz into a two-story Beverly Hills house. This incident actually happened in March, but he was finally charged on Friday for reckless driving. He is currently facing up to ninety days in jail if convicted, which he won’t be. The house he rammed into was taken down and turned into a dirt lot despite only having minor damages. I believe that Davidson is being forced to cover the cost of a total rebuild of the house to avoid the owners pressing charges. I know this might not sound plausible, but I’ve seen Better Call Saul one and a half times.

Footing the bill for the price of his BMW, a two-story Beverly Hills house, and legal fees will likely cost him two seasons worth of SNL pay. This also comes shortly after news broke of him buying a rusty ferry that currently sits unused. Pete Davidson is really out here creating mayhem and dropping money like he’s playing Grand Theft Auto, and honestly, I’m so jealous. 

This guy is living my high school fantasies and it’s driving me insane. All he does is smoke weed, date supermodels, make jokes, and commit crimes. This guy has the money to get away with that combination for a living, and all he had to do was pretend SNL was still funny for a few years. I can do that right now. Kenan Thompson definitely hasn’t been there too long. They didn’t make a giant mistake by firing the funniest person in sketch comedy. They are doing great, and should pay me enough money to do whatever I want in life.

Davidson is constantly in the news. It just seemed like it was less destructive when it was about his dating life. Someone incredibly hot needs to date him so he can be distracted again. And they need to do it fast before someone gets hurt. 

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