P!nk Fan Throws Dead Mom On Stage

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There has been some weird stuff going on at concerts recently, but I think this one takes the cake. How can you beat a fan throwing their dead mom onto the stage. During her headline appearance at the British Summer Time Festival in London, P!nk was in the middle of a performance when a fan threw a ziploc bag filled with ashes onto the stage. P!nk was visibly confused, and when she picked up the ashes she asked, “Is this your mom?” and then followed it up with, “I don’t know how I feel about this.” The popstar then set the bag down and continued on with her set.

The Video:

In all honesty, I think P!nk handled this shockingly well. You can see in the video that she really just sets down the cremated remains and goes right back into singing, but what a wild thing to have to deal with on the fly. I’m not sure what kind of training artists go through to prepare for stage appearances, but I can almost guarantee that someone’s dead mother thrown onto the stage is not in the coursework.

The biggest question I have after seeing this nonsense unfold is: who was the bigger P!nk fan, the dead mom or the fan at the concert? I certainly hope that it was the mom, but I would be more okay with it if the mother and child shared some kind of special bond over the singer. If it was just a fan wanting to make the most of their mother dying, well, I think that’s just straight up deranged. Don’t get me wrong, it’s weird no matter what, though. I’d desperately like to talk to the fan that did it just to ask what the end goal was.

Was P!nk supposed to spread the ashes across the stage? Let them float out over the crowd, leaving everyone covered in little bits of dead mom? There’s really no good answer, but I’m crazy curious about what the desire was. Anyway, this was an absolutely insane thing to happen at any show, but P!nk? Really?

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