Predator Arrested with Condoms and Grimace Meal

A middle school principal in New York named Daniel Erickson was arrested for his contact with a sixteen-year-old girl. The police report states that he went to her house several times, but she never came outside to see him. He was eventually arrested on the day of his big plans, when cops lured him to a location in the woods, where he was arrested with condoms, Chicken McNuggets, and a Grimace milkshake.   

McDonalds’ marketing is officially going too far. The Travis Scott promo was annoying, but fine. Now, they picked a bottom of the barrel character to name a meal after it, and pedophiles are using it as a tool. Burger King convinced people to buy their garbage sandwiches for a while by singing the word, “Whopper” a bunch of times. Maybe McDonald’s could try something like that instead. 

It’s a shame Chris Hansen had no involvement in this story. Obviously, the world would be a better place without pedophiles, but he seemed to have a way of making them getting busted fun. Imagine Hansen meeting him and asking, “Hello Daniel, what were you planning on doing with that… milkshake?” It would’ve been the best television moment since Justin Timberlake “accidentally” exposed Janice Jackson at a Super Bowl I was too young to remember. 

Thank god nothing bad actually happened as a result of this situation. It is worth noting for all McDonald’s employees that the shake you just handed out might’ve been purchased with ulterior motives. I don’t have an advanced pedar (a radar for pedophiles) but I think an adult with a Grimace shake is a good sign. 

Also, this guy was the principal of Johnson City Middle School. That is not a joke, but a brutally hilarious fact. 

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