Restaurant Hired Fake Priest To Spy On Employees

Holy shit! This world has officially gone insane.

A restaurant owner in Northern California has just been sentenced by the U.S Department of Labor to pay all of his employees after hiring a fake priest to learn all of their confessions.

Che Garibaldi, owner of Garibaldi Taqueria with locations in Sacramento and Roseville, was forced to pay each of his employees $140,000 for illegal management practices, the main of which was bringing in a fake pastor to essentially spy on his workers.

According to the DOL, “the priest urged workers to ‘get their sins out,’ and asked employees if they had stolen from the employer, been late for work, had done anything to harm their employer or if they had bad intentions toward their employer.” They then contacted the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento who reported the man portraying the catholic figure was indeed not a pastor at all.

Aside from the priest stuff, Garibaldi was also accused of not paying employees for overtime, taking a portion of the tips, and threatening “adverse immigration consequences” for anyone who ratted on him.

Honestly, this sounds like some sort of Always Sunny scheme that Frank would use to blackmail the gang. I truly can’t believe it’s real, but considering an Italian man with the last name Garibaldi owns three taquerias in California, I guess anything is possible.

This guy is a complete jerkoff and should’ve been punished way worse than just paying out $140,000 per head. The one thing I will say about Garibaldi is that no matter how inexplicably evil his actions were, you kinda gotta give him some props for creativity. I mean, where do you even find a fake priest? My guess is either Vegas or some weird type of gay strip club.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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