Salma Hayek is Hot in a Sauna

The title can be taken two ways.

Salma Hayek is celebrating World Wellbeing Week right… I think. Honestly, the only significant week I know in the summer is shark week. That being said, Salma Hayek is putting this week of wellbeing stuff on the map in a big way. She posed for an Instagram picture with nothing but a pair of folded towels covering her. It’s pretty neat.

I’d like to start off by mentioning that Salma Hayek is fifty-six years old. She has been the sex appeal in movies so long that me and my father have both probably looked at her during our own respective self-intimacy sessions. Even in her fifties, Salma Hayek looks real good.

I love that women have found it empowering to post themselves wearing barely anything online. What I love even more, is that actresses are following in their footsteps. Before, you had to see a movie when you wanted to see your favorite actress in a provocative outfit. Now, you just need to accept a set of terms and conditions and create a username.

A quick search of, “#WorldWellbeingWeek” will show you that Hayek is dominating the content of this week. Most of the other posts looks like something you’d find on a thirteen-year-old girl’s Pinterest account. There are enough positive affirmations in bright graphics on the internet. What there could always be more of, is Salma Hayek and her time-defying good looks. Perhaps Alexandra Daddario could be inspired to celebrate this week in a similar fashion. I’ve never been in a sauna, but I’m sure they are great. The pictures from them sure are.

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