Saquon Autographed a Fan’s Sign to Get His Girlfriend Back

Saquon Barkley is back at training camp after threatening to hold out due to contract disagreements. In addition to practicing for his upcoming 8-9 season, he is also helping fans make giant mistakes off the field. On his way to practice today, he saw a fan with a sign that said, “Saquon, my ex will take me back if you sign this.” I don’t know if it was support, or sympathy that motivated Saquon, but he obliged with his signature. 

The worst part about this is the backstory of the relationship mentioned on the young fan’s sign. He told reporters after receiving Saquon’s autograph that his relationship ended because the two are going to different colleges. He believes that this sign will force the girl to change her mind and stay with him. I hope for both of them, this gesture is a huge failure. 

What Saquon is doing here is irresponsible. He should know that long distance college relationships are as doomed as the Giants upcoming season. Long distance really is the Daniel Jones to collegiate relationships. Barkley of all people should know the destruction caused by a long-term investment like this one. Him signing this sign was stupid, if not downright dangerous. 

The nineteen-year-old fan said his plan was to drop off the sign at his ex’s house on the way home from the Giants’ practice facility. The fact that no one told him this was a bad idea demonstrates more of a structural flaw in the Giants’ organization than Daniel Jones’ contract ever has. 

I hope this girl makes the right decision and says no to this offer. She is the last line of defense in preventing this guy from spiraling to a point where he stops going out, and instead gets annoyingly into the gym. 

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