Sean Payton Openly Hates Nathaniel Hackett

Sean Payton just inherited one of the biggest dumpster fires in professional sports. But he doesn’t seem too worried about it. The new Broncos head coach will surely have his work cut out for him as he is tasked with reinventing the Broncos into a team worth watching. Last year, Russell Wilson made himself more meme than quarterback. Their head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, was also fired with two games left in the season. As a result, Sean Payton did not hold his tongue when it was time to assign blame. 

Payton started out by describing Nathaniel Hackett’s performance as, “One of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL.” He goes on to criticize a lot of people. But even when he is not talking about Hackett, it is clear he is taking shots at him. He mentioned, everyone having dirt on their hands, saying the entire locker room was mishandled. It has the feel of someone opening a dirty station at work, and texting, “Who closed last night. This place is disgusting.” 

When asked about Russell Wilson, he was entirely supportive. That was until he used it as an opportunity to bash other members of the organization. He even deflected questions about Wilson’s performance last year to Hackett, the President, and the GM. What makes this even better, is the GM was standing ten feet away from him at the time. Basically, Payton is throwing middle fingers right into people’s faces as he sees fit.

When it seemed that Hackett’s reputation had taken enough of a beating and was laying motionless on the ground, Payton threw a few more jabs at his upcoming job in New York. When asked about the hype surrounding the team, he said, “We’re not doing any of that. The Jets did that this year. You watch. Hard Knocks, all of it. I can see it coming.” Hackett is in his first year as the Jets offensive coordinator. Payton basically said Hackett sucks at his job no matter where he is. 

This is exactly what the NFL needs. Some WWE style story lines between guys who can’t even put on the pads and settle their debates is the evolution of the sport. I want Bill Belicheck and Andy Reid arguing about who was the better pee-wee football tight end, next. Either way, the NFL has a lot to gain by encouraging pettiness between their coaching staffs. 

Also, in my “research” for this blog, I found this video of Sean Payton hitting a bong with teenagers. He’s officially the greatest coach of all time.

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