SEC Sororities: Socially Accepted Cults

I guess every one of these sororities is going to be making one of these videos? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hi mom. Everyone else on this site should already know of the videos I’m referring to.

The videos of hundreds of sorority sisters in matching outfits doing choreographed dance moves throughout the halls of a literal mansion has gotten out of hand. The only thing I’ve gathered through seven semesters of a useless Communications degree is how ridiculous TikTok trends spread. One video blows up. People copy it. Those videos blow up. I can accept this more when it’s a bad dance to a worse song. This particular trend gets under my skin more than it should, though. 

These videos are really starting to blow up. They have made their way around the internet in previous rush seasons. This year, they have their own section of the internet. The most common reaction to these videos online has been pointing out the fact that lack of diversity. Many people seem to think this is a sign of racism. I’m not sure if that is the case. This trend might simply attract the type of people who blend in with the milk aisle. 

I’m not concerned with the morality of this situation. There might be a racial issue going on with the sorority selection process, but I’m not going to solve it from a site called Total Frat Move. My issue is with the fact that fraternities are the red-headed step child of Greek life. As far as ways to spend parent’s money, getting messed up and living in squalor is more of an honest living than this façade that sororities are presenting. 

Typically, I would beg the universe to keep these videos of my timeline. That’s not good enough for this situation. I need these videos, and possibly even sororities to stop existing entirely. Girls don’t even need to join these social cults to get into parties, so what’s the point?

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