Selena Gomez is Reminding the World How Hot She Is

Selena Gomez is putting out new music soon, which means she has to make a PR push online to rile up some excitement. I have no intentions to listen to her music, but I love the way she has chosen to advertise. She recently shared a mirror selfie in a very low-cut top. 

Many people in my generation have had a special type of love for Gomez since her days on Wizards of Waverly PlaceThe generation before me had that girl from Saved by The Bell, our generation had, Zendaya, pre-drugs Bella Thorne, and Selena Gomez of course.

In addition to Selena’s incredible bathroom selfie, she has been suddenly very active on social media. Not that she hasn’t always been posting the same girls brunch pictures as every other woman in their early thirties, but she has been showing way more skin online recently. If new music is the reason it’s happening, I thank the supporters of her career that made this happen. Don’t get me wrong, Same Old Love bangs. But I am definitely taking the rewards of other people’s labor. 

I haven’t seen any of Selena Gomez’s recent acting work, but I might have to check it out if she is entering a Miley Cyrus phase. After all, she is reminding the world how hot talented she is.

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