Self Proclaimed Fantasy Analysts Ruined Puka Nacua

I’m not sure if other people’s personality extends past their fantasy football obsession. But mine doesn’t, and my Twitter feed will surely reflect that. This was abundantly clear toward the end of this summer, when every other post I saw was of a self-proclaimed fantasy analyst. These guys will dig as deep as possible for a stat that justifies drafting every player in the league. Most of it is nonsense. 

This year, there were a few names that these clowns seemed to be all over. They thought that Zach Charbonnet had an outside shot at the rushing title, Jaylen Warren was the next Adrian Peterson, and that Puka Nacua was going to set the world on fire. I did what anyone in their right mind would do. I threw out all of their advice and spewed hateful messages in their comments. 

Unfortunately, they were right on the money with the Puka Nacua prediction. I ended up with him in zero leagues, but how can you blame me? These were the same Matthew Berry wannabe’s that talked me into owning Russell Wilson in every league last year. I couldn’t run back to their convenient stats in good faith. 

My issue with these guys is that they make big predictions for nearly every player in the league. They refuse to accept that some guys are going to be statistically average. They list twenty guys that they think will be top ten running backs, and are excited when they get three right. I know this, because they are all currently doing Puka Nacua celebration dances. I don’t know about them, but when I go one for six on anytime home run bets and lose money, I’m not too happy about it. 

I could let this slide if these analysts were doing this over a guy with a boring name. But Puka Nacua is just so fun to say, and for that, these losers should be kicked off the internet. 

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