Si Woo Kim Melted Down And Snapped His Putter In Half, Proving That Golf Is Hard

Today I saw Kim putting the ball with an actual putter, and I was very confused. At first, I thought this was an old highlight, but I remembered that you could replace your putter for the tournament, but not the round. Yesterday Kim had to putt the rest of the round with his 3 wood. Everybody has been there. I’ve seen a friend take his driver and toss it in the pond. I can’t really blame my friend, my other friend and I pretended that we were Jim Nance and were announcing his shot. He wasn’t a fan when we announced that he drilled 3 balls in a row into the ball. After the third ball, the driver went flying in the water, and then he had to climb into the green algae-filled pond and grab his club. He was soaking wet for the rest of the round. To say he wasn’t happy with us would be an understatement.

Kim snapped his club on the 15th as he failed to get on the green in the scoreable par 5. Everything was going well for Kim. He was only 3 shots back with a -4, and then he slammed his putter into the ground in frustration. It probably had more to do with the fact that his putter failed him on hole 14. His first putt rolled 4 feet past the hole, and then the putter really kicked Kim in the dick as the ball lipped out for par. That’s all it took for Kim as his frustration hit the tipping point.

I know this anger; I’ve been there many times. My favorite is putting the club behind your shoulder blades and pulling towards you. Slamming the club into the ground is fine, but when your body is the one to snap the club in half, it’s a much better feeling. Either the shoulder blade break or the traditional over-the-knee break is another favorite. This is the most aggressive snap as you slam your knee up and press down with all of your might and snap the club in half. This is a favorite from baseball players snapping bats in half.

I don’t see any golfers pulling a Bo Jackson and snapping their clubs over their head, but god damn, it would be wonderful. Could you imagine seeing Spieth or Thomas snapping a 5 iron over their head as they stare down their shot? It would be awesome to see and make golf more exciting.

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