Smokeshow Gia Duddy Moves to Nashville for Bum Will Levis

Gia Duddy was the star of April’s NFL Draft. As her mayo-loving boyfriend impatiently waited to be drafted, the camera stayed on Duddy. Will Levis was eventually drafted by the Titans, where he is now the third string starting quarterback. Duddy is now making the questionable decision of moving to Nashville for Levis, when she could likely pick from a handful of better options around the league. 

If you recognized Duddy on draft night but couldn’t remember why, you’ve seen her on social media before. She posts hot pictures online, and occasionally fishes for clips by interviewing college students. She is a successful influencer, and she dates the quarterback known for putting mayonnaise in his coffee. Because why wouldn’t that be a thing?

Before getting sidetracked again by her boyfriend’s ridiculous answer to, “Cream or sugar?” my point was that Duddy shouldn’t be known as Will Levis’ boyfriend. The guy can’t even beat Malik Willis on a depth chart. Meanwhile, Duddy can hang with any of the accounts online that look exactly like hers. She is way out of his league.

Will Levis seems to be way above his head right now. He’s not good enough to get a ring in the NFL, or enough of a catch to put one on Duddy’s finger. She just moved to Nashville for him, and now the pressure is on. He can easily hide behind the Titans’ starters as Derrick Henry carries them to another nine wins. In a few years, he is going to need to lead a team and, compete with the new class of quarterbacks filling his girlfriend’s DMs. I don’t think there is any way he can do either of those things. 

I don’t know much about Levis, or Duddy for that matter. From what I have seen, these predictions are not remotely far-fetched, speculative, or influenced by a love for Gia Duddy.

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