Social Media Went WILD Over AI-Generated Dolphins Fan

Social media was in a frenzy over the weekend because of Hailey Lopez and her mammary glands. This is typical behavior from football-obsessed male fans. I would expect nothing less than men who haven’t enjoyed the pleasure of 10 hours of commercial-free football since the beginning of January.

The only problem about this is that Hailey Lopez, the Dolphins fan who is pictured above, is that she is actually not real. She is indeed AI-generated and those aforementioned glands are NOT REAL! This is a real bummer for all of the 45-year-old dudes on Twitter/X that were getting a little worked up about the visual.

Either way, this is a little concerning because I fell for it at first too. Regardless of if she is real or not, we can still appreciate AI and the progressions we have made in technology.

If you want to see a “real” hot Dolphins fan, I want to show you, Samantha. She is a REAL Dolphins cheerleader and she has been with the team for 3 seasons now.

Written by TFM Stelly

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