Sofia Vergara Celebrates Divorce in Thong Bathing Suit

Sofia Vergara just got divorced, and became the biggest name on the free agent market until Shohei Ohtani’s contract ends this fall. The news broke several days ago that her, and her husband Joe Manganiello were splitting up. Since then, Vergara has seemed just fine, posing for Instagram looking incredible in a thong bathing suit on vacation.

As if there wasn’t enough proof that life is easier for beautiful people, Sofia Vergara is making this abundantly clear for the world. She just went through a divorce, and doesn’t seem to be giving it a second thought. Most people fear the fact that they might struggle to find someone new. Sofia Vergara laughs at that concept. Throw in the fact that she is rich enough to let someone else do all of her paperwork, and this divorce is less of an inconvenience for her than running out of hot sauce is for me. 

The world should just be appreciative that Vergara’s unbreakable high spirits gives her the mental fortitude to keep posting stuff like this. She has been flaunting her physique on social media all summer long, and it has been some of the best content on the internet. Simply put, it’s nice to see her continuing to show off the parts of her that made Modern Family watchable in the later seasons. 

I would offer Vergara condolences for her divorce, but she clearly doesn’t need one. I’d offer her my phone number, but my co-workers seem to think publishing personal information is a good idea. So I’ll leave Sofia Vergara with this: if you are ever in the Philadelphia area, and would like to take me out for dinner, I would probably accept. Good luck being single, Sofia.

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