Sofia Vergara Flirts with Comedian on AGT

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum are almost the Jordan and Pippen of television. The two sitting next to each other on America’s Got Talent is a giant distraction for the tv audience. I can only imagine how distracting it is to any male performer on the show. 

A comedian named Ahren Belisle went on the show, and took his time on stage to flirt with Vergara. Belisle has Cerebral Palsy, and uses a text to speech app on his phone to talk. In his act, he joked, “Go fetch Sofia Viagra.” It was a fine joke, but it was made years ago on this website (I’d link it but she works for Barstool now). I don’t mind him recycling the bit, but it wouldn’t have killed him to site his sources at the end. 

After his set, the two had a flirtatious banter that led to Sofia offering up her current dating status. Credit to this guy, not for his comedy, but for keeping his composure in this situation. This guy stayed calm, and held his own in the conversation. If I were him, I would need to hide the bottom half of my body behind the curtains the second Sofia Vergara told me, “I’m single.” And if Heidi Klum was in my peripheral? I’d need to wardrobe department to grab a new pair of pants.   

This is the second time Vergara’s newly single status has come up on the show this year. Howie Mandel joked about it a few weeks ago, and now Vergara herself is in on the fun. If she is willing to make her dating life a theme of the show, this season’s winner should win a date with Sofia Vergara. The straight male contestants would be so desperate for a win that either good art, or good television would have to come of it.  

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