Sofia Vergara Has a Hot Family Tree

I thought it was a consensus that Sofia Vergara is Hollywood’s best milf. Yung Gravy said in an interview with Lisa Ann that Ann was second to Vergara. It’s not really opinion, it’s more of a fact, to everyone except one of our writers paid idiots. If there wasn’t enough proof that Sofia Vergara is in a league of her own, her equally hot niece Claudia should be enough. That family has perfect genetics.

Sofia Vergara recently posted a picture of them at an event for some beauty product I don’t care about. The best part about this, is that there will be a Vergara for us to give all of our attention to for the foreseeable future. My dad showed me an episode of Modern Family when I was young and my heterosexuality really took off that day. I’m excited to have a son with whom I can return the favor with whatever show Vergara’s niece will be in in thirty years. I have enough confidence that this farm system of future milfs in the Vergara family will always produce top-tier eye candy.

The picture of the two of them is pretty great. But it’s also a good reminder to go scroll through Claudia’s Instagram account. Before social media, we all had to pretend to have a favorite Modern Family character so we could enjoy Sofia Vergara’s cleavage for thirty minutes week. That’s no longer the case. We can go familiarize ourselves with the aggressive attraction of the Vergara family on our own schedule. Also, the FCC can’t say how much skin has to be covered.

You’re welcome. If you don’t believe me yet, I’ll attach a few sneak previews at the bottom of this to prove my point.

Courtesy of @cdvergara on Instagram.
Courtesy of @cdvergara on Instagram.
Courtesy of @cdvergara on Instagram.

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