Spencer Strider is Afraid of Fans

Many of you might know Spencer Strider as the top man in the Braves rotation. That’s fair. He’s been in the Cy Young race all year long. He’s only twenty-four, and he’s already proven himself as a premiere pitcher in the MLB. Despite that, I remember him for getting shelled by the Phillies in last year’s NLCS. After the comments he made about fans at games, it might be his defining moment in his own head. 

Spencer Strider was interviewed by a young reporter with Jomboy Media. The kid asked him if there was anything Strider would like to change about the game. Strider answered that there should be no fans in the stadium. He claimed to prefer the 2020 season, where there were no fans at all. Clearly, someone is still angry about how last year’s playoffs went.

Before I tear Spencer Strider apart for being too insecure to deal with excited fans, I would like to point out the fact that Spencer Strider is on a six year, 75 million dollar contract. I wonder how much his contract would be worth if there were no fans. As a matter of fact, I challenge him to put his money where his mouth is. If Strider doesn’t want fans in the seats, he should buy all of them. They’ve made him rich to the point where he can afford to do it.

That being said, Strider’s answer was undoubtedly motivated by his time in Philadelphia. Why would he all of the sudden be against hearing fans in stadiums? He is getting ready to run back the worst moment of his career. Atlanta fans don’t move the needle in a close game, but Philly fans create a personal hell for opposing teams. Despite cruising past the Phillies in the regular season again, he is terrified for a potential trip back to Citizens Bank Park. 

In all seriousness, Strider is absolutely insane for saying that so close to the start of the playoffs. Philly fans don’t forget, especially not that quick. He is going to have eleven year old’s flipping him off as he leaves the field, and it will be glorious. 

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